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Women Can’t Wait – Impacting Communication from the Top

The march of history is slow, but truth and transparency in communication is back. The swearing in of our first woman/Black/Asian Vice President was momentous and thrilling, and 12 of the 25 cabinet or cabinet-level roles in the Biden administration … Continue Reading

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Presenting virtually during this pandemic has its challenges. We’re here to help! #1: Be aware of your own verbal habits: Do you say “like,” “ya know,” “so,” “totally,” etc.?  Hone in on what unnecessary words pepper your speech and work … Continue Reading

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Shanghai Speech & Debate Coach Says…LikeSo App Put A Personal Speech Coach in My Students’ Pockets and Money in Mine

In James Payne’s estimation, the LikeSo Speech App paid for itself over 7200 times! James is a debate teacher & coach at Enreach Education, Pudongxin District, Shanghai, China. Read his amazing letter here…  I need to send a few words … Continue Reading

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Christelyn Karasin, The Pink Pill Founder

Interview: The Pink Pill Star, Christelyn Karazin – Interracial Dating, Confident Speaking, Navigating Broader Social Circles, and the Value of Mingling with a Purpose

“Speaking articulately and professionally can be like learning another language.” … Continue Reading

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Confident Speech? But Like, Aren’t You in a Sorority?

(Contributed by Tatum Dyar, amazing intern, Bethany College student and Alpha Xi Delta sorority sister.) When you think of sorority life, you may imagine the stereotypical flakey, catty, self-involved sorority girls you see in the movies and on TV. In … Continue Reading

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LikeSo UPDATE: Improved Voice Recognition for Accuracy & User Experience

Hello Customers! We are happy to announce that we have updated our voice recognition technology for improved accuracy and smoother user experience! The update to LikeSo is now available in the App Store. Previous versions will not work starting on … Continue Reading

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Fight Back Against Fillers and Speak with Confidence! The LikeSo Speech Challenge is Coming to a Screen Near You!

Like, can you totally speak for up to 60 seconds with confidence and without using filler words? The LikeSo Speech Challenge (#LikeSoChallenge) is coming to a screen near you (a.k.a. Instagram!)!  There will be fun, laughs, riveting conversation, ah-ha moments, … Continue Reading

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Um, “Like,” is all I Hear, You Know?

Redacted documents are on trend (#muellerreport). This year, I even got a redacted holiday card wishing me, “Merry Redactmus!” Scrubbed for secrets, a redacted document obscures the confidential information that is not for public consumption. I had a thought…What if … Continue Reading

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Global Leader in Public Speaking on Folk Music, the Female Voice, Failed Communication, Flip Flops, and Much More…

Allison Shapira is the CEO/founder of Global Public Speaking, an adjunct lecturer at Harvard Kennedy School, and an accomplished musician.  We initially connected over her post, “How to Get Rid of Ums and Ahs,” and her recommendation to practice with … Continue Reading

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Healthcare Technology Companies: Don’t Let Your Message Fall On Deaf Ears

Say It Media, Creators of LikeSo PRO, Partners with 120/80 MKTG for #SpeechFitness   Healthcare technology—aka ”digital health”—is a fast-growing, fast-paced, and fast-talking industry. The terms, jargon, plethora of buzzwords, and diversity of audiences is complex and changing rapidly. As … Continue Reading

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