LikeSo: Your Personal Speech Coach – Now in the App Store!

How articulate are you?  LikeSo is your personal speech coach.  LikeSo offers a private and fun way to train against your verbal habits and practice speaking articulately, confidently and without all of those “likes,” and “sos.”   LikeSo offers two modes of play: FreeStyle, your own open mic, and TalkAbout, a conversation game to practice speaking on the fly.

Using voice recognition technology, LikeSo provides you with real-time analysis of your speech fitness and calculates a score based on the number of filler words (“like,” “ya know,” “totally,” “I mean,” “so,” “actually,” “okay,” “whatever,” etc.) divided by the total words spoken.  LikeSo also measures pacing for the fast and slow talker.

Tethered to our smartphones, and with so many social channels to communicate on, we reduce our opportunity to have articulate, substantive, face-to-face conversations. With LikeSo, we want to turn our smartphone addiction into a solution!

LikeSo is for your next presentation, interview, meeting, audition, date, debate – even your next conversation!

Our app is now available in iTunes here:

LikeSo by Say It Media Inc.


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