Students Should Like, Totally, Speak More Confidently, Ya Know?

Shaky hands, two hours of sleep and some sad looking index cards: the winning formula for a killer class presentation. When you stand in front of the class to give a presentation, you pray that what comes out of your … Continue Reading

10 Tips to Say it LikeSo!

Be aware of your own verbal habits: Do you say “like,” “ya know,” “whatever,” “totally,” etc.? Hone in on what unnecessary words pepper your speech with mindless repetition and work on getting rid of them. Learn to brave the pause: … Continue Reading

Like, Can We Talk? The Girls’ Lounge Scores 95% Articulate! #SayItLikeSo

On Tuesday, my 16-year-old daughter Amanda and I found ourselves in a hotel suite decked out with everything a girl could desire – delicious pink and white candies, fresh fruit, probiotic skin treatments, racks of designer clothes and professionals offering … Continue Reading

LikeSo: The App That Has Teens Talking – Without the “Likes” and “Sos”

(This post was contributed by 16-year-old Amanda Cronin) “Hi I’m Samantha Robinson and I’d like to represent you as senior class president because, like, I really, like, love this school, and so I think that, like, I could, like, make … Continue Reading

CES 2016 – Top 5 Shout Outs & Takeaways

I’m feeling tech-sentimental. Being back in Las Vegas for CES 2016 delivered the same fascination, frazzled nerves, future promise and faux-experiences that only the world’s biggest technology show can offer. This year I ventured alone – one small wannabe geek … Continue Reading

We, Like, Need Another Game Plan — Gen Z’ers & the “Like, Ya Know” Syndrome

As fate would have it, I recently found myself as the front-seat-driver privy to five teenage girls in the backseat playing a game. The object was to talk about a given topic for one solid minute without saying the words … Continue Reading