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LikeSo UPDATE: Improved Voice Recognition for Accuracy & User Experience

Hello Customers! We are happy to announce that we have updated our voice recognition technology for improved accuracy and smoother user experience! The update to LikeSo is now available in the App Store. Previous versions will not work starting on … Continue Reading

Fight Back Against Fillers and Speak with Confidence! The LikeSo Speech Challenge is Coming to a Screen Near You!

Like, can you totally speak for up to 60 seconds with confidence and without using filler words? The LikeSo Speech Challenge (#LikeSoChallenge) is coming to a screen near you (a.k.a. Instagram!)!  There will be fun, laughs, riveting conversation, ah-ha moments, … Continue Reading

Um, “Like,” is all I Hear, You Know?

Redacted documents are on trend (#muellerreport). This year, I even got a redacted holiday card wishing me, “Merry Redactmus!” Scrubbed for secrets, a redacted document obscures the confidential information that is not for public consumption. I had a thought…What if … Continue Reading

Global Leader in Public Speaking on Folk Music, the Female Voice, Failed Communication, Flip Flops, and Much More…

Allison Shapira is the CEO/founder of Global Public Speaking, an adjunct lecturer at Harvard Kennedy School, and an accomplished musician.  We initially connected over her post, “How to Get Rid of Ums and Ahs,” and her recommendation to practice with … Continue Reading

Healthcare Technology Companies: Don’t Let Your Message Fall On Deaf Ears

Say It Media, Creators of LikeSo PRO, Partners with 120/80 MKTG for #SpeechFitness   Healthcare technology—aka ”digital health”—is a fast-growing, fast-paced, and fast-talking industry. The terms, jargon, plethora of buzzwords, and diversity of audiences is complex and changing rapidly. As … Continue Reading

Replacing Bikinis with Interview Questions & How LikeSo App Helps: The Skinny from Former Miss Nevada & Crown Coach Gina Simms

Gina Simms is a former Radio City Rockette and Miss Nevada having competed in both the Miss USA and Miss America pageants.   Today she is “The Crown Coach” and has developed a platform to nurture and teach girls empowering strategies … Continue Reading

The Media Tsunami Over the Way Women Speak: 4 Camps – Who Are You Bunking With?

Whether it be an Amy Schumer parody, an NPR thoughtful “trialogue,” a linguist, doctor, student or ex-Google executive’s take, the media tsunami over whether the way women speak affects how they are perceived continues to splash up on our shores…but … Continue Reading

Voices Carry! Cornell Student Entrepreneurs in the Making Learn to Speak Up

“Voices Carry” (‘Til Tuesday).  That was the song playing in my head as I guest lectured to students in Professor Deborah Streeter’s course, “Women, Leadership & Entrepreneurship.” Maybe because I sang “Voices Carry” in my band at Cornell? Or maybe … Continue Reading

Back to School: What I Learned from Guest Lecturing at Cornell

A woman’s place is in the home…or, NOT!   Unless that home is her faithful alma mater. Last week, it was my joy and privilege to return to Cornell and guest lecture and workshop with Cornell Professor Dr. Deborah Streeter’s … Continue Reading

Business Professionals Have a New A.I.-Powered Assistant – LikeSo PRO, for When Success Demands Confident Communication

We heard you!  Business professionals and students now have a new A.I.- powered assistant.  Meet LikeSo PRO and our AI Dialogue Assistant, AIDA, an intelligent communication product that brings the power of A.I. and voice to salespeople, consultants, executives and students … Continue Reading