Ever since I had the epiphany that the use of filler words are at epidemic proportions, and that an app could help us all be better speakers, I have been frustrated by the lack of words to describe this pervasive phenomenon. I needed better words to describe the excessive use of needless words that are undermining our speech.

And thus, The Verbal Habitionary (verbal habit + dictionary) was born.  The Verbal Habitionary offers portmanteau words (a blend of words) to give us all the vocabulary to talk about – and find solutions to – this increasingly ubiquitous habit that is undermining our communication, watering down our meaning, and distracting our listeners.

The first entry was Filleritis (Filler + -itis).  The second entry in The Verbal Habitionary is: 

Filler + Buster = FILLERBUSTER 

noun. A specific app that acts as both your personal speech coach and speech fitness tracker to train against and eliminate the use of filler words.

Use it in a sentence, you say?

“I have used the LikeSo app as a fillerbuster and no longer say ‘like’ three times in every sentence!”

Look out for new entries in The Verbal Habitionary, and please send along your own words and ideas!

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