Hi Everyone! People have had questions about how to START the game when playing TalkAbout. Here is how you do it:

First, choose Talkabout from the Mode Screen. This will take you to the “Customize Talkabout” screen:


In order to START, you must select a TOPIC. To do this, tap where it says, “Tap to Select a Topic” and it will present you with a list of 8 Topics to choose from. Choose one of the 8 by tapping one from the list (e.g. The Interview, Debate Team, Pop Culture Favorites).


After you have selected your Topic, then pick your Talk Time and Select the filler words to train against. Once you have done this, the Start button will turn red, and you will be ready to begin!



We understand that this might be confusing to some people. But don’t worry, we will be updating this in the coming days to make it more intuitive!

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