Say It Media, Creators of LikeSo PRO, Partners with 120/80 MKTG for #SpeechFitness  

Healthcare technology—aka ”digital health”—is a fast-growing, fast-paced, and fast-talking industry. The terms, jargon, plethora of buzzwords, and diversity of audiences is complex and changing rapidly. As such, crafting a company’s messaging can be a challenge; a high-stakes proposition of effective and clear communication.  

At last week’s HIMSS Conference, the world’s largest annual gathering of healthcare technology companies, 120/80 MKTG’s co-founder Jen Long posted about this pervasive challenge to be articulate, on-message, and without the excessive use of filler words. Jen wrote about what she observed while touring the many booths that filled the Orlando Convention Center. She heard a lot of pitches that went something like this, ”We are like, an AI-driven health technology platform that, like, uses population health to improve outcomes and engage patients while delivering on, you know, the promise of value-based care.”

To meet this challenge and help these companies, 120/80 MKTG will be integrating Say It Media’s voice and AI-driven LikeSo PRO’s suite of speech applications into its messaging program.  This is a partnership that just makes too much sense as we share a mission and a commitment to #effectivemessaging, #impactfulspeech, #nofillers, #speechfitness.

Traditionally, communication training has been a one-size-fits-all approach; an inconvenient and sometimes ineffectual tug on our time with a “mandatory” survey to prove its worth. It’s never been effective, affordable, and even fun to objectively and measurably train everyone on speech…until now.  With enterprise LikeSo PRO, we are offering powerful speech solutions at scale with personalized measures of speech proficiency, instant assessment, and immediate opportunities for remediation.  Whether speaking at a conference, delivering a presentation in a booth, interviewing with the media,, making a sales pitch, or managing a customer crisis, LikeSo PRO puts professional speech training into a user’s hands.  

Training is no longer a bad word. Give us a shout to learn more!  Visit us on twitter @LikeSoApp, @120over80MKTG, or email me at

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