Jared Alessandroni Joins Say It Media, Inc. as CTO

Joining the trend of top talent migrating from corporate to innovative A.I. startups, we at Say It Media are thrilled to announce that former Sprinklr VP Jared Alessandroni is bringing his vast experience in enterprise software, A.I. and data management to LikeSo® Pro: Your Personal Speech Coach.

Here’s the news announcement:


New York, NY – February 7, 2018 – Say It Media, Inc. today announced it has appointed Jared Alessandroni as chief technology officer.  An expert in artificial intelligence, data management, and enterprise software, Jared will oversee the development of voice and A.I.-driven enterprise app and platform LikeSo Pro: Your Personal Speech Coach.  Most recently, Jared served as a vice president of Sprinklr, a top-tier SaaS provider.   With intellectual property in scaled data, assessment, and sales support, advanced degrees and years experience in education and cognition, Jared’s expertise is a perfect fit.

A.I. and voice services have become increasingly central to the products and services pervasive in our lives – both at home and in the workplace. Top talent is in demand and many of those trained in these skills are forgoing big corporate jobs and taking on leading roles at startup ventures.  Excited to focus on the use of A.I. to improve and scale learning outcomes, Jared left tech unicorn Sprinklr to join Say it Media.

“Jared’s vision and passion for building world-class enterprise software, as well as his experience with building corporate partnerships with the likes of Microsoft, IBM, and SAP, is a gift,” said Say It Media, Inc. founder and CEO Audrey Mann Cronin.  “As an English language learner who has worked on connecting multinational corporations, Jared is passionate about using A.I. to level the playing field for communications, learning and development. He has a keen understanding of cognition and knows how to use A.I. and the magic of intelligent voice services to prepare executives and students for big moments and business-critical situations.”  

“This is a critical moment for enterprise assessment and training,” said Jared. “We can provide what used to take hours of one-on-one training and an army of experts – and put it right in your hands. It’s time we had higher expectations in how we communicate – and more accountability.”

About Say It Media, Inc.

Say It Media was created to advance the traditional corporate learning space by applying new technology to teach soft skills at scale.  The company’s category-defining and highly popular application LikeSo: Your Personal Speech Coach is the leading speech fitness app in the Apple Store powered by a voice recognition technology, two practice modes and a proprietary scoring system. In Q1 of 2018, the company will launch A.I.-powered enterprise product, LikeSo Pro.  LikeSo Pro improves communications skills and levels the playing field by bringing engaging tools, collaboration and scalable one-to-one training to the enterprise market for unheard of accuracy and understanding of learning.  The company was founded in December 2015 by Audrey Mann Cronin, communications expert in the technology industry. Her experienced team includes CTO Jared Alessandroni, a startup veteran and innovator in corporate, A.I. and data management, and Strategic Advisor Mark Curtis, enterprise SaaS entrepreneur.   Say It Media, Inc. is a partner of The Speech Improvement Company and National Speech & Debate Association. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @ LikeSoApp or email us at info@sayitlikeso.com.

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