LikeSo PRO

LikeSo® PRO Brings the Power of A.I. & Voice-Driven Learning & Analysis to the Corporate World & Higher Education — Where Success Demands Confident Communication

Can a conversation take your career to new heights?


The Problem:

The way we speak affects every level of business, from blue collar to CEO, and verbal and written communication is the number one job competency across all occupations. Yet amazingly, these soft skills now account for the single greatest skill gap in the U.S. workforce. The scale of this gap threatens the effectiveness of all organizations relying on the US labor market – especially in the areas of sales, customer service, executive presence and public speaking.

LikeSo PRO is your Personal Speech Coach:

LikeSo PRO is the first A.I.-driven mobile speech fitness coaching application to enter the corporate learning and development and higher education market. By utilizing A.I., voice recognition, and increasingly sophisticated analysis and feedback, LikeSo is the way to deliver measurable business value via speech training at scale.  

How Can We Help Your Organization?

  • Public Speaking/Presentations/Media Training – Arm students, executives and other thought leaders with public speaking and presentation practice tools and support that they can take with them wherever they go.
  • Onboarding/New Hire Training – Ensure all new hires meet required thresholds of speech quality in alignment with your organization’s brand.
  • Sales Training – Teach sales skills such as delivering value propositions and handling objections.
  • Customer Service – Train staff how to handle a wide range of customer scenarios quickly, confidently and articulately.
  • Crisis Communications – For high stakes situations, train employees to communicate clearly and stay centered, focusing on diffusing the situation and keeping people safe.
  • Interview Coaching – Use LikeSo PRO’s three modes of training to prepare for all interviews: job, college, internships, etc. and hone skills.
  • Recruiting – Create a custom benchmark of English language skills to help screen candidates even before recruiters meet with them.

A.I. & Voice-Driven Tools are Set to Transform Professional Training:

LikeSo PRO improves communications skills and levels the playing field by bringing personalized tools, collaboration and measurable, scalable 1-1 training to enterprise and higher education for unheard-of accuracy & understanding of learning. 

LikeSo PRO drives measurable value by benchmarking and strengthening verbal skills in business-critical contexts including sales training, leadership/executive presence, public speaking and customer service.   

LikeSo PRO takes professional development to the next level with personalized, data-centric, programmatic, recommendation-based learning.

LikeSo PRO marries its intelligent learning system with the deep expertise of highly trained speech coaches offering significant benefits, far above traditional top-down, one-size-fits-all assessment and analysis.


LikeSo PRO is advancing the traditional corporate learning space by applying new technologies to teach soft skills at scale.  The app drives measurable value by benchmarking and strengthening verbal skills in business-critical contexts.

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