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Success Demands Confident Communication

Now you can objectively measure speech proficiency and assure that employees are speaking in a way that best reflects your brand.  By utilizing increasingly sophisticated AI, voice analysis and learning, LikeSo PRO’s intelligent communication app, desktop site and management portal delivers measurable business value via speech training at scale.  LikeSo PRO levels the playing field and helps professionals practice speaking more effectively, articulately and confidently with:

  • Bespoke, custom solutions for your 30+ brands
  • Objective speech proficiency measures, no gender or language history bias
  • Programmatic & scalable training
  • AIDA: Artificial Intelligence Dialogue Assistant for recommended learning
  • Mobile and desktop training tools – anytime, anywhere
  • AI-driven coaching portal with enterprise analytics


What is LikeSo PRO?

LikeSo PRO is a SaaS solution that improves speech proficiency at scale. LikeSo PRO works out of the box. Make it yours by choosing words, phrases, topics and branded learning content that apply to all of Marriott. Then, create a custom set of these settings for each brand.  

  • Customized words and phrases to avoid and to emphasize
  • Scenarios, topics and prompts for on-brand messaging
  • On-your-toes crisis communication
  • Pace, pauses, volume and tone variance
  • Granular demographic breakdowns using your criteria
  • Learning content customized and synchronized to keep everyone on track
  • A sticky tool to come back to again and again
  • AI and machine learning for recommendations and zoom-ins
  • Say It Now site for instant assessment


What is the Value of Every Interaction?

Conversation intelligence is tied to success. LikeSo PRO drives measurable value by benchmarking and strengthening verbal skills in business-critical contexts, including:  

  • Sales and Marketing Training – Teach sales and marketing skills such as speaking on-message, delivering talk tracks and value propositions and handling objections.
  • Presentation, Brand & Media Training: Arm executives and other potentials with practice tools and support that they can take with them wherever they go.
  • New Hire Training – Ensure all new hires meet required thresholds of speech quality in alignment with your organization’s brand.
  • Customer Service: Train staff how to handle customer scenarios and issues.
  • Recruiting – Create a custom benchmark of English language skills to help screen candidates even before recruiters meet with them.


“LikeSo PRO accelerates learning, provides a practice tool to reinforce new behaviors and gives ‘big data’ insights to measure progress and identify areas of need.”

– Dr. Ethan Becker, President, The Speech Improvement Company


LikeSo PRO advances the traditional corporate learning space by applying new technologies to teach soft skills at scale.  The app and desktop solutions drive measurable value by strengthening verbal skills in business-critical contexts.

For more information, contact:

For more information, contact:



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