LikeSo Training for Business

The LikeSo App Training Program for Business

Say it LikeSo without saying “Like” or “So”!

Download printable PDF version here: LikeSo Program – Business 4-17-17


Use LikeSo™: Your Personal Speech Coach™ app as a training tool to bring awareness to oral communication skills and encourage all employees to practice speaking articulately, confidently, at an optimal pace, and without filler words (e.g. like, ya know, so, totally, whatever, literally, right, okay…).

LikeSo is a mobile app (iOS platforms) that employees can use to practice both inside and outside of the office. They can analyze, save and share results.

How it works:

*First Steps:

  • Download in the App Store (99 cents):
  • Make sure you have an Internet connection
  • Speak into your Smartphone’s microphone

Using voice recognition technology, LikeSo provides you with a real-time analysis of your speech fitness. The app calculates an Articulate score grade (A+ thru Uh Oh!) based on a formula that looks at the percentage of non-filler words over total words spoken and rate-of-speech, with optimal pacing understood to be approximately 150 words per minute.

Two modes of Play:

LikeSo offers two modes of play: TalkAbout and FreeStyle:

  • TalkAbout is a conversation game to practice talking on the fly. Choose a topic from the list of 12 (e.g. At Work, The Job Interview, Debate Team, etc.). Each session will include five prompts.  Select Talk Time and the filler words you want to train against. Speak into your smartphone’s microphone and LikeSo will listen and capture your speech. At completion, you will be presented with an analysis of your talk session and see your results.
  • FreeStyle is your open mic. FreeStyle gives you the flexibility to practice for any upcoming presentation, interview, pitch–or just because you want to improve your speaking skills. In FreeStyle, you can speak for up to 30 minutes. Select the words you want the app to train against. You can “pause” or “stop” at any time.  As in TalkAbout mode, at completion, you will be presented with an analysis of your talk session and see your results.

LikeSo Group Workshops:

LikeSo can be played in groups for competitive play and bonding conversation! For group-play, divide into groups of five, as there are five prompts per Topic. Choose TalkAbout mode and pass the phone around–one prompt per person. When all five prompts are completed, “Analyze” the session and “Save” results. Compare Articulate score grades to the other groups! The group that gets the highest grade can win a prize, points towards assessment, high-fives, etc.!

Step-by-Step Example:

  • Choose TalkAbout – LikeSo’s conversation game
  • Tap to Select a Topic – Each Topic has 5 prompts
  • Select Talk Time – Choose 30 Seconds (per prompt)
  • Select words to count & train against – Choose Listen for All Words
  • Countdown – 3, 2, 1
  • First prompt will appear. Option to Pass.
  • See the Results and Articulate Grade Score, and a breakdown of total Words Spoken, Talk Time, Pace and Fillers
  • Choose Analyze Session for breakdown of Fillers
  • Choose Save this Session to have your results saved and to track your ongoing Speech Fitness!

Practice Makes Progress!

Assessment, assignments, evaluation, etc.

HR and professional development executives may assign employees the task of practicing their speaking skills using LikeSo. With FreeStyle mode, use LikeSo for a particular project (e.g. presentation, elevator pitch, speech). Or, assign a number of “rounds” of TalkAbout mode, with specific Topics (e.g. At Work, The Job Interview, Debate Team), or All Topics. Or, assign both modes!

Employees need to save their results over the assigned period of time. To submit results, take a screen grab of LikeSo screen results as proof of work and send via email.

Set a Goal for Speech Fitness!:

LikeSo is all about “Speech Fitness” and has its own speech conditioning and grading system! Swiping right from the main screen brings you to the “Set a Goal” screen. Here, you can set a Goal that provides a training target including type of Goal (Presentation, Interview, Speech, Pitch, etc.), Target Date and Length of Event. For example, set a Goal for a “Presentation” for 15 minutes taking place 4 weeks from today. The app provides a Target Speech Conditioning Score (TSCS) of 300. You can also turn on Reminders for daily notifications to practice.

Once a Goal is set, you can track progress. Each time you play, you earn Speech Quality Points (SQPs). LikeSo uses these SQPs from the last 30 days to determine a Speech Conditioning Score (SCS), which represents how “fit” your speaking is – a.k.a. your “Speech Fitness.” From the main screen, swiping left shows progress over Day/Week/Month/Year. You complete your Goal by practicing until your SCS exceeds the TSCS.

Save your results over the assigned period of time. To submit results, take a screen grab of your LikeSo screen results as proof of work.


HR and professional development executives can assess employees on their submitted LikeSo Results. LikeSo can be integrated into professional development training programs on communications and leadership, or just offered to employees as a helpful tool to practice both inside and outside of the office.

Download printable  PDF version here LikeSo Program – Business 4-17-17


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