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You CAN Take the Valley Girl Out of the Valley! Meet Ella Michaels, USA Debate Team Member

Sixteen-year-old Ella Michaels is from the San Fernando Valley in California where Valley Girl-speak was born, and according to Ella, is still alive and well (like, totally!).  Ella also happens to be a member of this year’s USA Debate Team, … Continue Reading

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How an App Helped Me Rock My College Interviews

  College interviews are so stressful… I thought I had finished the college process after I joyously clicked submit on my final application. Little did I know that I would soon be overwhelmed with emails from college alumni asking to … Continue Reading

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students used likeso to practice for their college interview. Students standing outside of a school building

3 Tips and an App to Ace that College Interview

Applying to colleges and writing essays is not easy. And, for many students, the hardest part of the process is the in-person college interview, a key part of some college applications. Not every college asks for an interview and, in fact, … Continue Reading

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Don’t Throw Away Your Shot! LikeSo for Auditions

I was thrilled to reunite with a friend from my Broadway theatre days when we were “younger than springtime,” “side by side by side,” and dared to “dream the impossible dream.”  No, we were not performing on stage, but the … Continue Reading

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How Did 5 Millennials Score Playing LikeSo App on CNBC? It’s Like, Totally, Revealing!

My favorite moment in CNBC’s video coverage of LikeSo: Your Personal Speech Coach happens halfway through the mustached millennial’s TalkAbout session. He has a realization that he is “…thinking more about my words than I am about the question, okay?!” … Continue Reading

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Thx Social Media, But What About the Deeper Connection? Try LikeSo

Contributed by Gabrielle Marino, Junior at UNC School of Media & Journalism, Chapel Hill Thanks to social media, I know a lot about my friends. I know Erin is “Facebook official” with a frat guy she has been seeing (that’s “Millennial” … Continue Reading

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SNL Debate 3 –

No, I Didn’t “LikeSo” the Debates – But, See What Happened When I “LikeSo’ed” the Eloquent Michelle Obama!

No, I didn’t “LikeSo” the Presidential debates. Honestly, I was too busy hiding my eyes behind my hands, gulping my wine, and following the Twitter feeds that somehow managed to make the consequential spectacle bearable. With the speech app, LikeSo, in … Continue Reading

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“My Mom is Like…Whatever!” – Life, liberty and the inherited teenage right to speak with conviction (but can we reduce the number of “likes”? And, are we to blame?)

It is the right of every teenager to find their parents exceedingly annoying and embarrassing.  And, as parents, it is our duty to have a thick skin and to stay the course, giving them the assist, the emphatic push, the knowing … Continue Reading

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Washington Post: Michael Phelps vs. Ryan Locht

Michael Phelps’ Interview Reminds Us – Don’t Forget to Train Our Most Powerful Muscle! #SpeechFitness

Our Olympians blow me away. Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, Simone Biles. Forget about Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of practice. These exquisite athletes must practice millions of hours to achieve their fitness level and athletic mastery. In the spirit of the … Continue Reading

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“Like” in Every Language: Is it Just American-Speak or do Filler Words Cross the Borders?

Could it be that the “like, ya know syndrome” has gone viral and global? At my last Say it Like You Mean it! panel presentation, an audience member asked whether the American epidemic of peppering our speech with filler words was also … Continue Reading

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