Presenting virtually during this pandemic has its challenges. We’re here to help!

#1: Be aware of your own verbal habits: Do you say “like,” “ya know,” “so,” “totally,” etc.?  Hone in on what unnecessary words pepper your speech and work on getting rid of them.

#2: Read the virtual room: Who are you talking to?  What do they know?  What questions might they ask?

#3: Pre-call preparation: If you are presenting with others, prepare by doing a pre-call rehearsal. 

#4: Speak with conviction and avoid uptalk.  Uptalk turns would-be statements into a question.  It is used to gain consensus, however, it doesn’t inspire confidence.

#5: Present with impact and excitement. Eye contact is important. Look into the camera when you speak.  No one wants to hear a monotone presentation.  Channel your nervous energy into the call and turn it into a high energy, engaging talk!

#6: Don’t wing it!  No one is born a great communicator.  Like everything, the trick is to practice.  Use LikeSo: Your Personal Speech Coach. Our speech app helps you practice and prepare for all speaking opportunities so you are always articulate and confident.


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