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What is Speech Score?

LikeSo is your personal speech coach!  LikeSo motivates you to practice speaking articulately and confidently and brings awareness to your use, or overuse, of filler words along with your pacing.  As with any kind of training, establishing goals and tracking your progress towards those goals are key motivators to improving your skills. Our new Speech Scoring System uses Speech Quality Points (SQP) and a Speech Conditioning Score (SCS) to help you achieve your speech fitness goals and to ultimately improve your speech!

Speech Quality Points and Speech Conditioning Score:

What are Speech Quality Points?

Each time you play TalkAbout or Freestyle, you earn Speech Quality Points (SQPs) for that session. The more you practice, the more SQPs you earn. How many SQPs you receive is based on a formula that uses your percent of filler words over total words spoken, your pace, and your talk time (total minutes of speech).

App Screenshot

How good was your workout? We’ve designed the SQP so that the more you practice, the more points you accumulate. But like any type of workout, you have to have good form!   Our benchmark of 100 points is achieved with an Articulate Score of “A+”, which is achieved with 0-1 filler words, 150 wpm pace and 5 minutes of practice/talk time. Variations in filler percentile, pace and duration will result in a higher or lower score. For example, a pace that is deemed too fast or too slow will reduce the number of SQPs you earn in a session.

What is your Speech Conditioning Score?

Like anything in life, the more you practice, the better you get!  This also applies to speaking skills. Our Speech Conditioning Score (SCS) provides a way for you to measure your training, set goals and achieve them!  SCS is based on a formula that looks at your SQPs over the last 30 days and provides a daily score to indicate the “condition” of your speaking. The more you practice, the higher your SCS; go a few days without practice, and you’ll see your SCS decline.

* Only saved sessions are used to calculate your SCS!

App Screenshot

The DAY view shows your current SCS in ORANGE and your total SQPs in BLUE. If you have set a Goal (see below), your Target SCS will be shown in GREEN. Each time you play, the resulting SQPs will be added to your day total, and your SCS will be recalculated as appropriate.

App Screenshot

The WEEK view shows your SCS (ORANGE) and SQP (BLUE) for each day of the current week (Sunday thru Saturday). If you have been practicing, you will see your SCS rising/improving! And if you have a Goal set (see below), your Target SCS will be shown in GREEN.

App Screenshot

The MONTH view shows your SCS (ORANGE) and SQP (BLUE) for each of the last 30 days. This view is helpful to see your practice patterns and the impact it has on your SCS. And if you have a Goal set (see below), your Target SCS will be shown in GREEN.

What should your SCS be?

It depends! Everyone’s training goals are personal. Use your SCS to help measure your progress towards meeting your goals. For example, if you are preparing for an interview, a presentation, a date, etc., you should practice speaking for that specific activity; if you have a 5-minute presentation, use FreeStyle for 5 minute sessions. In this instance, your target SCS should be something very close to 100. Why? Because, per above, the benchmark SQS for a 5 minute speech with perfect Articulate Score and pace is 100, and having a SCS near 100 means that you are consistently achieving this benchmark. If your presentation is 10 minutes, your target SCS should be near 200, and so on…

If you are practicing for an interview using LikeSo’s conversation game, TalkAbout, and choose the topic “The Interview,” decide if you want to take 30 seconds or 60 seconds to respond to questions. If using 30 seconds per question, your Talk Time for the session will be 2.5 minutes, and therefore your target SCS should be near 50. If using 60 seconds, your target SCS will be about 100.

Setting Goals

Do you need to prepare for an upcoming event (e.g. presentation, interview, pitch or speech)? Our Goal feature can help! By setting a goal in LikeSo, the app will provide you with a Target SCS to help motivate your practice.

To set a goal, swipe to the left to the Goal screen:

App Screenshot

Select the Type of Goal, Target Date and Length of Event that best matches the event for which are are preparing. LikeSo will present a Target SCS for your goal. This Target SCS will also be displayed on the Speech Conditioning screen (Day/Week/Month views) to show your progress towards your target.

You can also choose to receive Daily Reminders via your phone’s Notifications until your target date hits!  If you do, the notification might say, “There are 10 days until your interview.  Keep practicing!”

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