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LikeSo UPDATE: Improved Voice Recognition for Accuracy & User Experience

Hello Customers! We are happy to announce that we have updated our voice recognition technology for improved accuracy and smoother user experience! The update to LikeSo is now available in the App Store. Previous versions will not work starting on … Continue Reading

The Words Every College Senior Dreams of: “I GOT A JOB!” #SpeechFitness

  Staying in shape is never easy. It requires dedication, motivation and a willingness to commit time. If you don’t work on your physical fitness on a weekly basis, then you lose your momentum and have to start back at … Continue Reading

Like, Can We Talk? The Girls’ Lounge Scores 95% Articulate! #SayItLikeSo

On Tuesday, my 16-year-old daughter Amanda and I found ourselves in a hotel suite decked out with everything a girl could desire – delicious pink and white candies, fresh fruit, probiotic skin treatments, racks of designer clothes and professionals offering … Continue Reading