Christelyn Karasin, The Pink Pill Founder

Interview: The Pink Pill Star, Christelyn Karazin – Interracial Dating, Confident Speaking, Navigating Broader Social Circles, and the Value of Mingling with a Purpose

“Speaking articulately and professionally can be like learning another language.” … Continue Reading

Um, “Like,” is all I Hear, You Know?

Redacted documents are on trend (#muellerreport). This year, I even got a redacted holiday card wishing me, “Merry Redactmus!” Scrubbed for secrets, a redacted document obscures the confidential information that is not for public consumption. I had a thought…What if … Continue Reading

What is it Called When You Say “LIKE” too Much?

For my birthday, my daughter and fellow logophile gave me The Emotionary by Eden Sher, famous for her portrayal of the socially awkward and empathetic Sue Heck from TV’s, The Middle.  The Emotionary is “a dictionary of words that don’t exist for feelings that do.” … Continue Reading