You ace your speech and it feels so great!   Is there a word for that feeling of verbal empowerment?

Our ability to communicate articulately and confidently is not only the single most pivotal skill that can get us what we need out of life, it is life affirming.  Yet fear often gets in the way.  Surveys say that our fear of standing up in front of a group and talking is so great that we fear it more than death!

The truth is, no one is born a great communicator.  Like mastering all skills, it takes practice, awareness, and confidence!  We take guitar lessons, we hire golf pros, we go to the gym – we put effort into improving so many aspects of ourselves.   How about training to be a powerful, persuasive, articulate communicator? The rewards are so sweet!

And so, we have today’s new entry in the Verbal Habitionary!  The first entry was Filleritis (Filler + -itis).  The second entry, FillerBuster (Filler + Buster).  The third entry LikeSquad (Like + Squad). And, the fourth entry in The Verbal Habitionary is: 

Communicate + Confidence = COMMFIDENCE

noun. The feeling of self-assurance that arises when one is a practiced communicator.

Use it in a sentence, you say?

“Because Alex dedicated time to practicing for Friday’s business pitch using mobile app, LikeSo, she had the commfidence to ace the presentation!”

Look out for new entries in The Verbal Habitionary, and please send along your own words and ideas!


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