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"If it's time to sound professional, it might be time to hone your speaking skills. Luckily, there's an app for that."
CNBCZack Guzman
“Working through the fear of public speaking requires a lot of practice. LikeSo can help users become more confident - partly by stripping filler words from user’s speech.”
MashableChelsie Frisbie
"This woman is on a mission to, you know, save the English language."
ChipChickRobin Raskin
"In a society where first impressions are now so important, this app could really help some of us out."
"Blame Cher from Clueless but today our sentences are littered with words to fill the gaps and, as a result, Audrey Mann Cronin, a tech consultant and parent blogger, has created an app to combat the way people are speaking."
The DebriefJess Commons
"LikeSo is a Fitbit for your speech"
CNNKelly Wallace

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“It is my personal mission to rid the world of "LIKE." Your app is genius! Actors need to be excellent communicators. Filler words, especially like, make people sound less intelligent. This can keep actors from being cast in parts that demand a sharp intellect.”
Howard FineHoward Fine Acting Studio
"This is a terrific app for improving not just public speaking skills, but oral communication overall. As the parent of a middle schooler, as well as a professional educator who both delivers talks and listens to many others at presentations and meetings, I can’t tell you how many people could benefit from working on their speaking skills."
Cheryl LittmanActing Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Queens College
"As a college counselor who spends a lot of time with high school students, I am often taken aback by their weak oral presentation, word choice, pacing and basic inability to communicate effectively verbally. I find even my own kids can rarely get through a sentence without using a smattering of filler words we all know so well, “like” being the most frequently abused."
Emily H.B.College Counselor
"As someone prone to awkward silences and sweaty armpits at the mere thought of social interaction, this app is a lifesaver. I love the FreeStyle feature to practice my presentations for school, and the TalkAbout feature proves invaluable for social events with parents and peers. It’s basically saving my high school career for oral presentations."
Grace T.Student
"How you sound and the way that you speak can be the key to professional success. LikeSo can get you started."
Ita OlsenSpeech Coach
"If you think that the slow strangulation of English is purely the province of teenage girls, then you haven’t been listening. LikeSo is a first, brilliant attempt to save the language of Shakespeare from embarrassing itself."
Lee GruenfeldBest-selling author and VP of Support.com

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"This app has been such an eye opener for my daughter who is involved in high school debate. She has really tightened up her speech using this valuable tool. It will also help with college interviews, and other situations where clear and confident communications is crucial!"
App Store Reviewer
"I have used LikeSo since it came out last year and my speaking skills have definitely improved. LikeSo is for any student, professional or regular person seeking to improve their speaking skills!"
App Store Reviewer
"Whether you are a teacher or a TED speaker, giving a middle school presentation or conference keynote, you should check your “likes,” “ya knows” and other bad habits with LikeSo."
App Store Reviewer
"This app is great to use for my public speaking class! I never realized how much my friends and I use fillers when talking!"
App Store Reviewer
"A simple, easy and effective way to improve your fluency while having fun!"
App Store Reviewer
"Downloaded the app to sharpen presentation skills as well as help reduce usage of filler words in daily life. Just a couple of days practice and I can already feel my awareness increase dramatically which has resulted in improved speech!"
App Store Reviewer

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